Ryan-BIL-2014-longDesign is intellect, curiosity, ingenuity, creativity, empathy and collaboration. Design is many things that fall under the category of human. Everything is connected and so, good design must earn its validation through iteration and flexibility.

I am also many things; a jack of all trades has the flexibility to approach problems and opportunities from more angles. I’m always looking for ways to improve life using all the skills and aptitudes I have at hand and even those that I don’t — via collaboration. That said, my hard skills are based in Graphic and Industrial Design; both trades which have developed my natural ability for leadership and analytic thought and discourse.

My approach utilizes user-centered design and systems thinking (also known in start-up circles as Lean Methodology). Bring me your ideas, stories, and opportunities. I will Learn, Prototype, and Build solutions with you and the best team possible to ensure results. And we’ll have a grand time doing it!

Thank you for visiting my portfolio site.

— Ryan Nussbacher