Lululemon Lab Olympic Window Exhibit

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Lululemon Lab is a center for testing potential new products. The concept behind opening a research/ retail space in a very central Vancouver location is to give the public the opportunity to interact with new items that have not been mass produced yet. In order to facilitate this, the store is always thinking up new ways to attract attention with their large window displays.

This project was presented to us, a small team of Emily Carr students, in the three short weeks that preceded the Opening of the 2010 Olympic Games. In this period we managed to produce and install six different window exhibits which were changed bi weekly throughout the games. Undergraduate students as well as alumni from a variety of creative disciplines united to create work that promotes celebration, athleticism and teamwork for the world to enjoy..

Emily Carr students and alumni:
Jeremy Calhoun
Adrien Guenette
Sara Hung
Solveig Johannessen
Rachel Kroft
Keith Lau
Judy Lin
Jacky Ling
Ryan Nussbacher
David Westwood
Dawei Yang

Lululemon Lab:
Melissa Content
Nicole Jasinski
Raneen Nosh
Sherry Perrault

Emily Carr faculty and staff:
Helene Day Fraser
Dale Gamble
Steven Hall
Dawn Whitworth

This project was partly funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) through their College and Community Innovation Grant (CCI)

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