Patty-cake, patty-cake, Baker’s Man | A simple kitchen tool for sous-chefs of all ages.

The piping bag has existed in kitchens for ages and is generally known to be an implement used mainly by skilled pastry chefs. They always require two hands which inhibits the ability for fine detail or gestural drawing technique.

Pip is every Chef’s best friend regardless of skill or age. Pip is vibrant, charismatic and always up for new adventures. It’s right at home being used by a professional to adorn an expensive wedding cake or in the hands of a child to help mom decorate a gingerbread man. Color and form and texture cue emotional response and familiarity. The materials (soft silicone) chosen for this object had to be soft to the touch yet complex in texture. Pip is inviting and stimulates community in the kitchen because it looks friendly and is very easy to use by all sizes and dexterity of hand.

The overall size and fit of Pip is such that it is comfortable for all hands because it can be held in numerous ways just by changing the nozzle. Whereas changing a nozzle on a piping bag alters only the extruded shape of its contents, changing a nozzle on Pip also alters the way it is gripped.

Piping bags are not typically used to store leftover icing. Pip’s soft silicone body is food safe up to 600 degrees Celsius and can also be refrigerated or frozen without losing its elasticity.

Jacky Kaho Ling
David Suh
Zackary Yao-Tsung Yu

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