On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of every year veterans and civilians alike gather to pay respects and homage to all those that have sacrificed their lives since World War I. The Poppy is a well known icon worn on every lapel during the week and up to the end of the annual ceremony of Remembrance Day. Typically this ceremony carries with it a very sombre tone and, at times, can feel like a funeral.

One unfortunate by-product of the proceedings is a staggering amount of litter in the form of the conventional plastic and felt Poppy pins. Each year incalculable amounts are produced which all end up as non-recyclable trash.

Proppy is a new take on the Poppy pin. The simple pin is made of laser cut birch veneer and is painted with milk or soy based paints. Its scant two pieces tab together in tension to create a wearable pin that doubles as a fresh new way to observe the holiday. On the day of the ceremony, after all processions have ended, attendees are encouraged to remove their pins and fling them up into the sky. They are rewarded with a rain of harmless spinning Proppies that capture the essence of the ephemeral nature of life and memory. Once the Proppies land they are easy collected for disposal and will biodegrade over time like all naturally sourced objects. In doing all this the ceremony’s finale is transformed into a joyous occasion.

Proppy comes in its own mailable rice paper packaging and serves as a much more attractive item for veterans to sell in the weeks leading up to Remembrance day. Proppy can be mailed to friends and loved ones and personalized in the very same package it is sold in.